Manual vs automatic meta data and user interface?


I was casually browsing the forum and had an idea that I’d like to share.
IMHO Picard is heavily weighted toward automatic tagging per the canon data base and that’s probably a very conscious decision. However sometimes for whatever reason the end user might want to manually edit the tags. Although it’s perfectly doable as is, here’s an idea on how it could possibly be handled differently in some future version of the software.
How about mashing the MB ID fields with the basic fields? Maybe using some form of drop down list where you can choose the MBID tags from a list based on the text entry supplied by the user? This would make it easier for the end user to manually edit the entries while still retaining the correct MBID’s.
It’s just an slightly different way of entering the data in the fields already in place and nothing more than a spontaneous idea that crossed my mind.