Mailing-list-style interface

I read somewhere that Discourse supports a mailing-list-style interface.
(hopefully including such things as: Receive posts/replies via email , send posts/replies via email )

Is that correct?

Is it possible to get that activated here? (or is it already?)

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You should already receive replies by email as far as I understand (so hopefully you’ll get this one!). I’m not sure about posting through email, but you can try to reply to this and see what happens!

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As @reosarevok says, you should already receive replies to your e-mail (unless you went and disabled that in your preferences), but it is not currently possible to post to Discourse by e-mail. I hope to get this set up, but e-mail is always tricky.

Note that you can “watch” categories and get e-mails for all topics and replies to those topics without having to watch the topics individually. :slightly_smiling:

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