Made a correction, now Picard crashes

A few days ago, I made a typo fix on an apparently global term that seems to have put many publications into editing status. When I try to tag such a release with Picard, the program crashes because it obviously can’t load the yellow files being in editing state.

  1. Someone should take care of Picard so that one can load publications even though they have one (or more) open edits.

  2. I would ask you to allow my editing as soon as possible so that most of the Bach publications are not blocked for several days anymore. Maybe three people can vote “yes”, so it should be unlocked immediately, shouldn’t it?

Here is the edit in question:


I wasn’t aware that this was an issue. I’ve frequently successfully loaded releases with open edits (although they are not applied, but that is a different matter). Anyway I see it is now voted in and closed.

@Hape40 Wouild you mind make a proper bug report following indications at ?
Providing a debug log is the way to go if you want help on the issue you’re encountering.`

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Sorry, I can’t make a proper bug report anymore since I re-installed my complete macOS out of frustration, hihi. Now Picard runs well again.