M4A tags not saving

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Hello friend, i’m new here in the forums, and currently am having trouble with tags in some M4A files, that are not saving the tags.
I’ve tried them with ID3v2 2.4 and 2.3, they seem to save when i click “Save” on Picard, but they dont stick.

Any solution, or is it a problem on my end? Thank you all!


Welcome to the forums then :slight_smile:

The ID3 version does not make a difference here since MP4 uses its own tagging format. Can you be more specific what is happening, e.g.:

  • Is it all tags not being saved or only some specific?
  • How do you see they are not saved?
  • Does Picard show a red error icon next to.the file after saving?

Also make sure the files are not write protected


Thank you for your answear! :grinning:

So, since ID3 version does not have anything to do with it, i guess it’s either on my end, or a M4A tag problem.

  • It only save some of them, but when i go check with another program to see the results (MP3tag on my case), it is not saved.

  • I save the tags, and put them again into Picard, and there they are to be modified once again.


[quote=“Allephe, post:3, topic:135046”]
It only save some of them[/quote]
Possibly M4A doesn’t support all the tags you want to apply?
If you want more help you have to be really specific about what exactly you’re doing with the files, what tags you’re expecting, and what Picard is doing. Then we can understand the problem a bit better : )


Maybe this answers your question:


@Allephe, just checking in: Did your question get answered by @outsidecontext’s and @aerozol’s posts?