Love all songs in a playlist

Hello, it seems like there is no way to import liked songs from Spotify into LB
However, it’s pretty easy to create a playlist of all your liked songs and then import it into LB
Do you know if there is a way to love all the songs in a LB playlist ? This seems easier to implement and it could be a convenient workaround


Hi @sobornost !

Adding a way to import loved songs from Spotify is definitely on our list !
We have a ticket open for it (LB-713), but we haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ll see if we can bump it up in priority, the ticket has been open for a long time !


Hello !

Thank you for your prompt response, I noticed the ticket
I was just wondering if implementing a way to like an entire playlist could work as an easy to implement workaround
If it’s not don’t worry, I’ll wait (or try to play with the API)


Heres some quick Python code that can love/hate/unrate. Requires requests-ratelimiter

  1. Install Python from (minimum version 3.11)
  2. In cmd run “python -m pip install requests-ratelimiter”
  3. Save the script to a file like, put your token on line 5 and username on line 6
  4. Run “python” in cmd
import json
from requests_ratelimiter import LimiterSession
rsession = LimiterSession(per_second=3)

listenbrainztoken = "YOUR-TOKEN-HERE"
r = rsession.get("", headers={"Authorization": "Token {0}".format(listenbrainztoken)})
playlists = json.loads(r.text)["playlists"]

for c, item in enumerate(playlists, start=1):
    print("{0}: {1} ({2})".format(str(c), item["playlist"]["title"], item["playlist"]["creator"]))
id = input("ID of playlist: ")
rate = input("Rate (1: loved, 0: unrated, -1: hated): ")

plmbid = playlists[int(id) - 1]["playlist"]["identifier"].split("/")[-1]
r = rsession.get("" + plmbid, headers={"Authorization": "Token {0}".format(listenbrainztoken)})
mbpl = json.loads(r.text)
for item in mbpl["playlist"]["track"]:
    r ="", json = {"recording_mbid": item["identifier"][0].split("/")[-1], "score": int(rate)}, headers={"Authorization": "Token {0}".format(listenbrainztoken)})