Looking for suggestion if an entry should be changed

The release “My Ultimate Bollywood Party 2012” has an unique issue.

The album is a compilation but the track list has its original album as its artist. For example, first track Chikni Chameli is originally from Agneepath but Agneepath is set as an artist in this release. Same applies for all tracks.

Original track list from CD Back here.

I think that release was entered very poorly by an inexperienced editor, and it needs a major overhaul. Looking at Discogs, the actual artist for the track “Chickni Chameli” is Shreya Ghoshal. If a booklet with the actual artists isn’t available, it will take a little work to track them all down, but yes, it should be done.

Thank you; I believe most original tracks are already here and won’t be very difficult to reconnect as they are not different recordings.

It would be neater to merge these current badly named Recordings to the real ones. Otherwise you leave an album full of orphans behind… (Edit: have now done that for you using your change recording edit for reference)

I’ve tried to make all the correct changes and fixed the recordings