Looking For Simple Script with no feat - Root/Artist/Artist-Title

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Alright guys… I’m a newbie… and I’ll throw myself on your mercy! I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own to no avail.

I’m looking for a simple code to return the follow structure

A folder in the root with the artist name… then “Artist Name - Song Name”

I’ve been trying this code from the repository (from @philn96)

$set(artist,$if(%_feat%,$rreplace(%artist%, feat\\.?.*| Feat\\.?.*| Ft\\.?.*| ft\\.?.*,),%artist%))
%artist%/%artist% - %title%$if(%_feat%,$if($rsearch(%title%,\\sfeat\\.?|\\sFeat\\.?|\\sft\\.?|\\sFt\\.?),, feat.%_feat%),)

But it’s returning something that looks like this sometimes.



$if(%albumartist%,%artist% - ,)%title%

I think this may have fixed it. (It did for that specific example. I’ll have to try it on some more. Any ways to make this more rock solid?

The above code seems to be doing most of what I want. It did split 2 of my 20 Jerry Lee Lewis tracks into various artists? But it kept the names of the files right:


In that case try:

%_artist_to_use%/%_artist_to_use% - %title%

Note that you have to have the “Additional Artists Variables” plugin installed and enabled in order to make the %_artists_...% variables available to your script.


Thank you, sir. This is working wonderfully! Only had to manually fix up a few of them out of 10,000