Looking for input on a particular title/series of title

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How would you all resolve the title of this release?

Amazon calls it “The Artist Sampler - Mishara Music: 5”, which is backwards from the cover art. If I strictly follow the style guide, I come up with “Mishara Music: The Artist Sampler: 5: A Home for Singer-Songwriters”, which is awfully lengthy (and has an excessive number of colons).

Mishara Music is the label and the “A Home for Singer-Songwriters” tag line is used on every iteration of this series except #7 (https://beta.musicbrainz.org/release/8a9c656e-8ca3-42d7-a999-377c8301397f). Maybe that could be dropped from the title?

And then what do you do with this one, which is in a different order and not numbered? Overall I would probably standarize it as Mishara Music: The Artist Sampler: #/Unique Title: Tag Line

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A Home for Singer-Songwriters sounds like the series name. amazon gets lots of things wrong the name should be Mishara Music: The Artist Sampler: 5 not The Artist Sampler - Mishara Music: 5

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I agree about amazon having the order messed up, but “A Home for Singer-Songwriters” is pretty clearly a label tag line, not a series name. Plus it doesn’t appear at all on #7. If there’s a series name, it would be “Mishara Music: The Artist Sampler”.


Digital files, so it is trickier working out what is on the “cover” or the “spine” of the artwork. They are my normal gotos for getting the series names and titles straight.

As the “cover” image is a digital one then they are cramming everything into one place.

It does also seem like Mishara Music is the label, so it is debatable if that should be in the title at all. Normal rules say to not put the title in there and I have previously been told off for doing so. (An example would be Newspaper and Magazine cover discs)

But go to the Mishara Music website ( http://misharamusic.com/site/?page_id=18 ) and now they list them as Mishara Music: 7 dropping the sub-title.

That adds to the puzzle. Also note that these Amazon pages look like they are likely written by Mishara Music themselves as that is how the sell them. So that could be argued as “Artist Intent”

I would certainly leave the “A home for singer-songwriters” out of the titles.

I would probably go with: Mishara Music: The Artist Sampler: 5 Though I have been told off for putting a label into a title. Yet here we have the artist clearly doing so but they don’t make much sense without.

Sorry - no clear answer that would make everyone happy. Go for some common sense instead and at least make them all consistent.


One thing that crossed my mind would be to treat the label as an album artist, which is basically how it’s presented. I wouldn’t create an actual artist, but put “Mishara Music” as an AC for Various Artists. That’s pretty far off the style guide, though.

A formulaic mechanical approach:
Leave out the label name.
Leave out the label byline.

The Artist Sampler: 5

(Edit: a = sign has strong title bolding powers! )