Looking for help/advice with storing data relating to MB

Greetings, community.

I hope you can suggest me some software (or a way) to store some data, which i use to make/check data changes in MB. Below i’ll show you some screenshots, so you could have some idea of what i am working with.

  1. I’am using a tasklist (in abstractspoon tasklist) which has a full list of releases/albums i am working with, planning to add/check in MB, listen to test, etc. In another words - its my potential musical collection. It has some general data here like composer tags, number of tracks, CD label, etc. When i done with the release i mark it as “done” (crossed out status).
  1. To “completely” mark album “as done” i do one more thing - i am checking tracks in PRO databases to find “correct” authors for tracks. Since most of the times composer/writer data not assigned to albums in MB at all (at least in my practice), i found this useful.

I created a java script for google sheets which makes some data scraping for me, so it looks like this:

It also uses some more custom color formatting that shown on screen for easy data comparing and checking.

So here is a question of how to store this data for easy use. Ideally it would be to attach scraped tracklist to the task in the tasklist like hierarchy (treelike) dropdown list. So you click “+” near task and it would expand/show the tracklist. But so far i cannot see where it possible to make this + i would also prefer to keep the custom color formatting (most exports/copypaste drop it).

Hope i clearly explained the situation, so may be you can suggest me something.

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[Redacted. Didn’t answer question.]

I wasnt able to reply in time, but stil have your answer in the mail (dunno though why you deleted it here).

Yes, upload this metadata to MB would be a good solution, but so far this is impossible to do in easy way (i.e. using some kind of script or utility), also as i know MB doesnt support mass uploading this kind of data.

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Yeah, the approach seems to be to have a moat round the db with just a single-file drawbridge across it.
I can see that doing things that way does keep the db free from mass injection of low quality date.
But it also stops the adding of mass data that could in some cases be of HQ.

Maybe one day there’ll be a trusted working group who can add mass data after having checked that it meets necessary criteria - such as accuracy levels.