Local Coverart via scripting?


Please tell me there is a way to add coverart from the file location. Drag and drop is a arduous process if you’re doing thousands of albums, and honestly not an option. Using any other program to add the covers destroys information in the tags (mp3tag and others don’t support multiple “artists” tags which I highly depend on) I’m trying to do it via scripting but i don’t see any variable that points to the dir path (i see “_dirname”, “_filename” and “_extension” but nothing pointing to the full path)


Upcoming release (within next weeks) includes a feature to load cover art from local files, (patch merged in https://github.com/metabrainz/picard/pull/417), tell us if it fits your needs.
If not, you may submit a ticket describing exactly what you expect.


Yes sir that is PERFECT


If you have high quality file art, and the time, please consider uploading album art to our database as well :slight_smile:


its not that i have high(er) quality images, its just that I’ve spent forever getting the images I have and prefer them to whatever images are on MusicBrainz site.

Sometimes they are the same images. Sometimes they are custom made images and sometimes they are different release covers from those that are for the release I have (that i sometimes prefer to the actual release covers)

If I have the time I’ll check and see if there are any images i have that are missing from MusicBrainz (given they are not custom images)

The bad thing is that I only just today realized bulk editing covers with MP3Tag was changing multitag info So now I need to redo my library of over 400 albums (yes all legally owned, I have a closet full of CDs to prove it) to fix the info I spent last month editing


Unless you have scripted Picard not to write the MusicBrainz IDs that should be an easy job. Picard automatically matches releases already tagged to the correct album again. So loading your files into Picard. Waiting until it has loaded, a quick review and save should do the trick


Oh yeah its going pretty fast 65 albums already done