Live performances that include interpolations of other songs... Live recording of original work or new work?

I’ve recently updated all the relationships for Beyoncé’s Homecoming live album. Now that it’s done, I’m not sure if I did the right thing. Some of the songs she performed include interpolations from other works, they’re even mentioned in the album’s credits and include the original songwriters. So now I’m thinking, should those be new works?

Obviously I can’t include additional songwriters or interpolations to the existing work, so a part of the credits is missing from the database, but at the same time it feels unnecessary to create a new work just for a single live performance, especially one that was only performed twice.

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Isn’t that just a medley, and “part” of a work?


Medley partial, cover, even.

They don’t say interpolation, anyway.
I’ve yet to see this term printed in a booklet. :wink:

Those examples are like 10 seconds at best? They’re also mostly just hooks played by the band incorporated into her own songs, it’s not sung by her.

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an example release I worked on a while back

tracks 2, 16, and 18 on my example include an intro or outro of the “partial” works, I believe just a few bars in all three cases. I probably wouldn’t use Medley though, as that feels like its own seperate thing…

either way, it’s probably a good idea to add an annotation to the recordings and/or release explaining the situation

I’ve seen it a few times, especially in newer releases, like Uptown Special


I understand what you did there with “live partial instrumental cover”, it makes sense because it’s not a medley, but it would look a bit messy because in some cases there are like 3 different interpolations being played on top of the actual work being performed.

There’s an even more intricate case in that release. Track 38 is the encore. She’s just thanking the audience and the crew while the band plays an instrumental version of DJ Khaled’s Shining. I took the liberty of creating a work titled after the recording “Shining (Thank You)” being based on “Shining” because there is an extra songwriter that isn’t on the original work. Should it just be a live partial instrumental cover then?

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This makes more sense as no one is actually creating anything new. They just play part of other tracks they already know. So link each as a separate with “part, instrumental, cover, live”. That then gives those other writers their credits without becoming part of a new song.

Yeah yeah, Maybe not medley, indeed.
And the quoting relationship looks like being the interpolation relationship, btw, just a synonym, alternate name.