Live even if autotuned?

There is a release that has recordings from a live TV performance in front of a studio audience. But it is well known that the vocals were autotuned (not too drastically) for broadcast. Does the live subtype still apply?

I’d say yes. They still performed. The autotuning is just some real-time sound mixing/engineering going on.


Several Spanish rappers use autotune in every concert. I don’t think it’s particularly different from using an effects pedal on your guitar, in which case you wouldn’t doubt it’s still live :slight_smile:

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The situation I have is not that the performance was autotuned live, but autotuned afterwards by the TV station for a non-live broadcast. So the audio was modified in a studio after being recorded live. So does this still count?

Oh. In that case I’d think of it kinda like what Freso said, it’s pretty much the same as having a live album which gets mixed and mastered afterwards.

If the performance was live, regardless of any “studio magic”, then it is a live performance.

Side note: As a musician, I am less concerned about auto-tune then I am a complete lip-sync when considering what makes a live performance.