Live bootleg with multiple places?

I couldn’t find anything specific in the official docs about what to do when a single bootleg release contains live parts from separate place, for example:

I can connect the relationships, but what should the title of the release be?


Perhaps some suggestions…

  1. Include the primary, first or specifically credited location. That’s what I’m doing now.
  2. Combine multiple locations like “: The Emporium, Coalville, England, United Kingdom & Renaissance Arena, Knebworth, England, United Kingdom”. Might be a little wordy, especially if we have to include more than 2 locations.
  3. Signal that it is live, but at multiple locations. Something like “: [multiple locations]”.

Any thoughts?

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I don’t think I would use options 1 or 3.

I guess I would use option 2, separated by slash…

The Emporium, Coalville, England, UK / Renaissance Arena, Knebworth, England, UK

Or this?

(The Emporium, Coalville / Renaissance Arena, Knebworth), England, UK

Or could also use the smallest common area?

England, UK

And link the 2 precise places+areas with recording-place recorded at relationships.