ListenBrainz redesign - Beta release!

I’ve got an alternate suggestion:



Thanks again for the help testing, those are fixed now

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Yes, we forgot to clarify that this is the mid-term goal for this page :sweat_smile:

Here’s a mockup example of what the profile page could look like; there is a bit of an overview of the user and some links in the right column.
(keep in mind this is only a mockup and many details will differ both from the current and future design of the page)

With that in mind, do you still think “Listens” would be a better fit than “Profile” for the tab name?
I have a feeling I think so myself, but I could be convinced either way.

I still feel that Listens fits better for the page as it is. comparing it to user profiles on similar sites like RYM or, it feels more like a profile sub-page.

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“Listens” instead of “Dashboard” also seems much more intuitive to me, at least as long as you are logged in.


Even if it’s just a mockup for now, I’m thinking a screen with just the listens should still exist in the future. On desktop, this concept is fine, but on mobile this would mean scrolling past multiple statistics to see the latest listens (for example to check if they were scrobbled correctly).

In that case, the above screen could be called dashboard (and show a reduced number of listens), while the other tab could take the listens name.


Another quick update to with the reverted “Listens” tab.

Thanks everyone for your feedback !
I think we’re quite happy with the current look and feel, keeping in mind that we are going to continue improving the design of all the pages progressively.

We’re just about ready for prime time, so if you have any other feedback you want us to hear urgently, now is your time !

We will also be taking in feedback after that, as always :slight_smile:


I agree, by the way. A “dashboard” that is only a list of Listens (by default) is not a “dashboard”.

@mr_monkey I have been using beta now exclusively, and it’s really great. It’s indeed a real step forward.

One minor thing I noticed: The current stable release updates the “Listening now” display shortly after a new playing now submission. In the beta this view just is stuck at whatever it showed when the page was loaded.


Great to hear you like the new website :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your help with testing !

I think the listening now update issue is not new and I’ve encountered it before, and it is related to some of our back-end setup (the part that sends messages to your browser). I’ve opened a ticket for it (LB-1266).


On mobile devices, truncation is weird. In portrait mode, graphs eat all the width, and in landscape mode, there is too much free space. I just want to be able to read the album titles…

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Yes, this graph page is the bane of my existence!

We do know it sucks (LB-1102), and it will be torn down or improved as a separate step (we are improving the overall design first, then improving the layout page by page).

Do you all have any suggestions on what to do with that page? In my opinion the bar graph on the side doesn’t really serve much purpose, on top of making the page useless on mobile devices.

We originally kept it so that we could have a page where we could play tracks and paginate results.
Now that the stats page “top albums” and “top tracks” have been improved to make them playable, the only thing it is useful for is pagination.
If we also add some form of pagination to the stats page’s “top albums/tracks”, maybe we don’t need the page with the graph at all?

If anyone has suggestions for keeping the page while improving it, I’m all ears :slight_smile:


I agree, at least in portrait mode.

Do not truncate text if there is more than enough free space on the side.

the thought I had when I made that ticket (but don’t think I posted anywhere) is to put the bar graph in the listen cards. thinking about it now, there might not be a way to display the number of listens that way…

I do kinda like the bar graph tho, could just not show the bars once the screen gets down to a certain width or something?

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If it’s renamed to listens I think it’s better for the following and followers list to be in another page

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Thanks for the feedback @small44 !

We were considering that all social features should go into the “Feed” top-level section, your suggestion is right in line with that idea.

Thanks again everyone for your help, we have just deployed the new design :tada:
Nothing new to people on this thread, but here’s the associated blog post: Redesigning ListenBrainz – MetaBrainz Blog

Of course, we have a lot more work with the content of the pages, so keep the feedback coming, it helps us figure out what is a priority for you :slight_smile:


A good step in the right direction this redesign is. It certainly looks and feels more like other contemporary websites. My first impression was excitement. Thanks @aerozol and @mr_monkey!

I do however have a couple of small gripes which you may already be considering now that the bulk of the work has been done:

  1. The three vertical dots More actions button: It’s too thin and unnecessarily difficult to click. I’m often interacting with it and it’s not uncommon for me to either miss it, or accidentally click on the Play button (which for some reason is closer to it than the Hate button on its left-hand side). Maybe More actions and Play are supposed to be semantically grouped? Nevertheless, some padding added to the More actions button would make it a more forgiving experience.

  2. The Fresh Releases page: I find myself mainly being interested in the Release For You tab but the page defaults to the All Releases tab and automatically scrolls down to the current date. The reason why I find this to be unergonomic is that the tabs at the top are not visible at all times; I always need to scroll up and then switch tab after loading the page. If the tabs became pinned to the top when scrolling down, or were altogether relocated to the sidebar, I think it’d improve the UX of the feature. Alternatively, if the tabs had unique URLs then I could directly load the Release For You page without hassle. I don’t know if this falls outside of the scope of what you’re now willing to change, but hopefully it could be eventually addressed.

Other than those two, any other issues present haven’t been too noticeable to me. Always pleased to see new user-facing improvements make their way to ListenBrainz’s live site. Looking forward to your additional tweaks.

Edit: I just noticed that the same More actions button in the brainz-player div spanning the bottom also has some “clickability” quirks.


Indeed. That especially bugs me on mobile when I try to hit it with my fat fingers. I thinkt this button should provide the same clickable area as any of the other buttons.


First off, hats to the team ListenBrainz team for this fantastic redesign.

Now here is my feedback. Many of these are papercut issues that have existed for a long time in the old design but since they were carried over to the redesign, I figure now is a good time to report them.

Feature requests:

  • A way to more easily sort through ‘Stats’. For example, if I want to see how many times I listened to a certain song, I have to go to the ‘Stats → All Time → Tracks’ page, CTRL+F, then go to the next page, CTRL+F, then the next page, and so on until I find the song.

Small enhancement requests:

  • a way to see more than 25 items at a time on the ‘Listens’ page, the ‘Stats’ page, and so on

Tiny issues that have no real bearing on usage but would be nice to have fixed:

  • Make the ‘Older/Newer’ buttons on the ‘Listens’ page ctrl+clickable. Right now, they are already served as URLs so right-clicking on the buttons and using the browser’s context menu to open in a new tab works. But ctrl+clicking (to open in a new tab) doesn’t.
  • Serve the ‘Taste → Loved/Hated’, ‘Stats → This Week/This Month/etc.’, ‘Stats → View more… → Artists/Albums/Tracks’ buttons as URLs, so that they can be opened in new tabs like the ‘Older/Newer’ buttons on the ‘Listens’ page.
  • ‘Settings’ points to Sign in - ListenBrainz (‘[LB].org/profile’) instead of, which would be more appropriate.
  • Many pages lack descriptive page titles (the text that’s displayed on the browser tab/window title). The ‘Settings’ page, for example, just says ‘User “username” - ListenBrainz’ when it should say ‘Settings - ListenBrainz’ or such. The individual ‘Stats’ pages could use more descriptive titles too.
  • inconsistent capitalization on the ‘Stats’ page: ‘This Week’, ‘This Month’, etc. vs. ‘All time’

I think that’s all I’ve found for now.

Overall, it’s a fantastic redesign. Thank you for what I’m sure must have been difficult work.