Listenbrainz only imports 1 of 2 profiles


Hello there!

My problem seemed at first like a unique problem, but I’m starting to wonder if that’s actually the case. I have 2 different accounts from different time periods in my life, and I’m looking to unify the data.

I was able to use the ListenBrainz import tool to successfully import the first profile, but when I enter the username of the second profile it acts like it was successful moments later and gives me this screen:


This is on an account with 178,000+ scrobbles.

As mentioned, the other import worked fine, and did the normal “Working through X of Y number of pages” and took a bit. This is clearly not working like it should, and I’m wondering why.

Is there an undocumented limit on the number of profiles that can be imported? It seems like a logical step, only allowing the 1 import (since you could just make an amalgam of many, many profiles). However, it doesn’t give me an error to that effect, and I didn’t see such a restriction documented.

It is pretty important to me to preserve this old profile data, and it doesn’t make sense to me to make a separate MusicBrainz profile just to backup this data, rather than merging them. I’ve tried downloading the data using the Mainstream Factor tool (in both CSV and XML), zipping it, and using the .zip import function - but this fails too. I’m assuming it uses a specific ZIP format that isn’t available anymore? (I cannot find anywhere on the site to backup data to a zip file.)

Could I get any guidance on this?