List of events within series not in order

The list of events within a particular series are not showing up in the expected (i.e. chronological) order:
(specifically the last 2)

Is this a bug?

Ordering of a series can either be automatic or manual.
If the automatic ordering is not working change the type to manual and put it in the order you want.

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That may or may not work. It’s my understanding that entities in a Series are automatically sorted in chronological order. This looks like a bug to me.

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Okay, I created a bug


No, they are not. They are numbered by the number attribute you can set for each part, try editing and of the part relationship on

The difference to manual sorting is that automatic sorting often is easier since many types of series come with some kind of natural sorting criteria (e.g. increasing catalogue numbers, magazine issue numbers, year for daily festivals etc.).

In the absence of such numbers I was led to believe they would be automatically sorted in either alphabetical* or chronological order.

*Series used to always be sorted in alphabetical order by default, but an MBS ticket changed it to chronological order. IIRC I was the one who proposed that ticket (I can no longer find it now).

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Could be this one

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It might have been. It’s been a few years since this went down, so my memory is a little hazy.