Linking to unreleased recordings

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i was wondering about the legality (or ethicality) of linking to leaked, unreleased recordings. is it okay to link an unreleased recording to a free download if it was not approved or uploaded by the artist?

if no, is it okay to link to demos of songs (like this) that were eventually put out as complete songs?

There are plenty of bootlegs, unreleased and demos documented in MB.

If there is anything legally dubious about the link then it is generally is not posted. This is not a Warez site. But if files can be found by someone on line, and they are musical, then they can be added. It is documenting history.

I would add lots of notes to the annotations about releases like this.

Just use a bit of common sense about any links.

An example: Release group “MINIDISCS [HACKED]” by Radiohead - MusicBrainz


I don’t understand.
We don’t link to downloadable files, there, do we?
Isn’t it just text, metadata, titles, info?

If you downloaded “Fearless (from the Vault)” from some dodgy Torrent, then it is allowed to be added. Just don’t quote your source. If it is a bootleg, and being traded on bootleg sites, then it is very legit for MB.

I spend way too many hours updating details for Pink Floyd bootlegs. Bands like that have more bootlegs than legit releases.

It are these unique tracks they are interesting to collectors.

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Unrelated but is there a way or a script to bulk edit recordings in any release?

What are you trying to edit? If you are in a Release and hit the Edit Relationships tab you get bulk editing


You can hit the tick at the top of the column and edit all recordings at the same time.


No script needed there

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I meant converting every recording to video, not edit relationships.

Yes - the ever inventive @loujin did one. Nice and simple.

Gives you tick boxes to the right of recordings on a Release page.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for