Link type for an extended information about an instrument

A cover of a Chopin CD I own mentions that recordings were done on an instrument of a period, that is, piano build by Pleyel in 1847. It could be even a piano on which Chopin himself played (he is known to use Pleyel instruments), although this is just a speculation.

Is there any link type to enter extended information about an instrument for a particular record? Except for pianos, it could be interesting for other types of instruments as well, like “violin build by Nicola Amati in 1650”. For organs the information is partially covered by a “place” link since organ is unmovable, but for pianos, string instruments etc. “place” link is obviously not equivalent with “instrument details”.

If currently there is no such link type, would you consider it useful?


This has come up before, though I can’t find the thread now. I would consider it quite interesting to be able to attach an instrument maker and date to a performance relationship.

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You could just enter “piano build by Pleyel in 1847” into the credited as field for the instrument relationship and/or you could add a link in the annotation for now.


Thank you, “credited as” for an instrument looks appropriate.

Like an instrument shown in this video? :wink: