Limits of cover art

For future reference; wondering if there are limits on what constitutes cover art?
tray: Edit #38750244 - Add cover art

How would I look at Edit #38750244

Not sure if I understand your question, but definitely looks useful to me.
After all, we have a ‘tray’ cover type :slight_smile:

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It is of a CD tray and that is a valid type so what is the problem.
A lot of the time there is art or text under the tray so it is useful to have it.

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If that’s what the release looks like, then the cover art is fine, even if it”s not very pretty or useful in itself. After all, if we didn’t have that image, we wouldn’t know whether we were missing anything.


I’ve uploaded many a blank tray or completely white/blank scan… nobody’s complained yet, but it’s only a matter of time! :sweat_smile:

Seems legit to me.

Given all the variations in packaging including this images is better than not having it.

I don’t think uploading a basically content-free image is useful. We are called editors, we should apply some editorial judgement.

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It seems like there needs to be a way to note that there’s no information or images on a certain area without having to upload an “empty” image.

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I don’t see any problem with a content free piece of the artwork. It shows part of the release’s packaging, and even if this has just a single color that is an information and in many cases an artistic choice by the graphic designer.


I’ve definitely no problem with that. It’s not like it’s a standard grey jewel case insert (though, even then, if someone wanted to upload it I wouldn’t mind).


True enough, but I think of us more as archivists and (to a lesser degree) curators. :slight_smile:


If someone went to the trouble of scanning it, I don’t have a problem uploading it.


(I get it that I’m in the minority here – just let me argue my case a little bit longer.)

Yep, though I’d rather s/he had scanned a more useful piece of another release first. We have a lot of releases lacking all art, and a very high percentage only have a front cover.

Second, as a part-time systems administrator I feel for the people having to care about the storage & backup of all this data. Let’s not make their job harder for relatively little gain.

Maybe the IA with their god-like archival prowess does not care… But I think it’s always a trade-off – and I would choose differently in this case.

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But this is a volunteer driven operation and none of us get to dictate what kinds of edits other editors do or do not do. If they really like to scan “empty” cover art and that’s what works for/triggers them (and it doesn’t harm anyone or the database), then that is their prerogative. Just like some people just really want other people to not use “comprised of”.


[quote=“sparkinson, post:8, topic:55817, full:true”]
I don’t think uploading a basically content-free image is useful. We are called editors, we should apply some editorial judgement.
[/quote]Sorry if it sounds condescending, but does your argument go further than “I don’t find it useful so it’s not useful”?
If I’ve uploaded it, at least one person finds it useful (eg me!)


I took no offence, and I certainly didn’t mean to offend the uploader.

While I still consider empty tray images not very useful to MB’s general userbase, I cannot substantiate that intuition with any concrete evidence. On the contrary, in this thread the general mood is one of affirmation or indifference.

What’s your motivation to have it uploaded? Completeness?

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Sure thing. Still, some actions are valued higher than others. If something is not well received, pushback can be applied.

But clearly, this is not the case here!

Partly that, partly because that ensures that if a second version exists that is the same except for the tray, now we can see the difference. Which sure, is unlikely, but it still makes it more likely to be useful than not. For all we know, a future researcher might want to analyse the amount of plain grey trays in US vs UK releases or something :wink:


This reminds me of a predicament I had scanning some 35mm slides. I would come across a roll with a few black images (lense cap on? lol). I decided it was important for me to scan it so that I knew there wasn’t a missing image. I suppose a plain CD tray is like that, but not as important as a possible missing photo.