Like to add a listing but cannot figure out how to do it

there is no listing for this 8cd Elvis boxset how do i add it?

(yes I’m new)


Welcome to the MetaBrainz community.

Since you’re new to the editing, I suggest that you start off by reviewing and then when you’re ready to start adding your boxset have a look at for a bit more detailed information. Once you get started, you’re likely to have some questions, which you can either ask here or, if you’re into IRC, you can ask in the #musicbrainz channel on freenode. See for more information.

EDIT: I just reviewed the edit history for and I see that you entered the release. There are a few problems, but the main thing that will need to be fixed up is to enter each CD / DVD as a separate medium, rather than show them all as being on one CD.

EDIT: I suspect that you’re going to get some comments and likely “No” votes on most or all of your edits changing the titles of the recordings.