%length% missing from MBDB?

I don’t recall seeing this before, but I’m getting some instances where the track length is being removed from the track, and that’s not even a tag I can specify to preserve …
I thought that this was figured out from the file itself?

It was there at some prior time when I saved these tracks. I’ve never seen a blank length in my filenames. (I have [%_length%] unconditionally in the Naming Script) You can see ?m??s on there for the New Value, and a saved track below with [] in it’s filename.

This isn’t global, but I do have several albums loaded at the moment that are showing no length values. …

Only Track #14 has a time value showing.

You can look at the edit history. The person who submitted this release has not added the track lengths.

I’m not sure where the track length for track #14 cames from.


It comes from this recording edit and afaik if a recording only has 1 track, the track inherits its duration.