Legal name change

On this debut album:

lead singer is

On this third album by the same band:

the keyboard player / lead singer is:

I just got confirmation from the band’s management that these are the same person. (He was not in the band at the time of the second album.) He had a legal name change some years ago.

Reading the other posts about this does not give me conclusive information, but it feels that this would be the right way to do this in this case:

  • add the old name as a “credited as” name on the debut album
  • merge the old entry into the new entry

Any thoughts on this?


Yep. They should be merged and then just use “credited as” for the earlier credits.


Should the old name be added as an alias? If so, which type?

I’d add it as an alias. If it’s not his legal name, then use artist name. You can say which years he used them if known. If it is, just use legal name.