Language in id3

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Great news this new 1.4 is great, works great, faultless and fast.
I have ran an older version of Picard on my entire collections and for some reason some of them doesn’t have language entry. ( half is about 15G of files - 60%english / 40%francais)
I didn’t want to loose all the previous work so I tried many things but it end up that I simply select all albums en francais first (on the right panel) and then add the tag language entry and save. Repeated for english.
Took me few minutes and all done. Only few of them as both languages in it.
Was this the to do that ?

I am also trying to found out if it’s possible to have a 500px cover embedded in mp3 but to download a cover file that is maximum resolution ?



Just so I’m not answering the wrong question, you are talking about the “Language” field that contains, for example, “eng” and not the language of the track title or anything, right? The field’s set based on the language of the associated work (for example, Hva kommer fra havet now displays as “nor” because this work is listed as having Norwegian lyrics), and, unfortunately, many recordings in the database don’t have any work to retrieve that value from – see this one I pulled from the same search for what the typical recording looks like. That’s one of the things I’m focusing on fixing as I work through my library, but it’s slow and I’m not going to go too far away from my own stuff. If you want to put in the time yourself and help everyone out, I’m sure we’d all appreciate it.

As for the embedded covers, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to write a plugin for, but I don’t think Picard supports it currently. Until someone writes one, I’d just say that, unless you have a particular reason to embed the images, most players I know of recognize images in the folder just as easily – sending the music wirelessly to a TV is probably the most common thing I can think of that would require the embedded images, though I suppose some handheld MP3 players might also need them.


I don’t have the skills for that. ;(
Yes I was talking about “eng” field - My target is to allow me to create a category/filter on the language.
It is a work in progress, first I had to discover if those information was within the ID3, now it is.
Next task I’m investigating is within my players how can I filter that.
At my next CD rip I will add that manually in my ID3. If there is something that does it automatically it’s great but for now I’m adding a todo in my steps.
I still need to do some more research on this, I have created few albums in MB DB and I have specified the languages but for now within the MB web page I can’t get that information back… Same for your Hva kommer fra havet.
So I’m in the dark for now trying to find out why Picard is not pulling that information.

For decade I was embedded covers and you right the players now do read the image in my folders.
You make me realized that I might be changing my methodology and save some space.

Thank you


Glad I could help with one of your questions, at least!

Don’t know why the languages aren’t working, though – if the albums you’re talking about are A Calmer Panorama, Le Retour aux souches, and Faut d’la fuite dans les idées, I would be tempted to point out that the language of the album is mostly for describing the track titles and Picard doesn’t use it for the actual recordings (it needs the work language), but that still doesn’t explain why “Hva kommer fra havet” isn’t showing as Norwegian on your end. Just to be complete, you aren’t using a downloaded copy of the database, are you? Even if you were, I’d think that Picard would still access the website instead, so I’m not sure what’s going on.