Language changing

Hello, everyone,

I have some Chinese named files that should be in English but it would take a very long time for me to invividually rewrite every file name. Is there a plugin or script I could use in Picard to do this for me?


There is no magic translation tool, but what you can do is see if someone has already entered the translation into MusicBrainz, as a ‘pseudo-release’.
Here is an example where someone has translated JP tracks into English.

If you are lucky and someone has done this for your tracks in MB, the workflow would be:

  • Tag/save with the official (Chinese) release using Picard
  • Then you go into Picard > Options > Tags > and makes sure clear existing tags’ is not checked
  • Tag/save the same files with the pseudo-release (English)

Try it with a copy of your files first, in case of unexpected results. And let us know if you need any help with the tagging part.

Now, if the translation isn’t here, and you are going to rewrite all the titles, you could consider entering them into MB as a pseudo-release! Then it’s taking you a long time, but you will be doing the world a service, not just your files :smiley:

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