Labels may need merging?

i think these 2 labels need merging

what do you guys think?

I doubt it. According to the Wikipedia article you linked, the name was reused in 1992 for a different Christian music label operated by Crossroads Music. confirms this is that new label.


ok thanks did not read that bit

Agreed - the Crossroads imprint has a website that also mentions the 1992 launch date. The parent company is now known as Crossroads Label Group but looks like a renamed version of the MB entity Crossroads Entertainment & Marketing Inc..


I wonder, though, whether Horizon (as well as Mountain Home and Sonlite) should be ‘imprints of’ or ‘subsidiaries’ of Crossroads. The Mountain Home site says “Mountain Home is a division of Crossroads Entertainment & Marketing, Inc.” which suggests subsidiary rather than imprint. However on the Horizon/Sonrise site, there are menu entries for Horizon, Sonlite, and “Other Imprints”.