Label not found in release details

How can i get release label by release id.

It is pretty obvious.
Although I don’t really understand what you want.

See right-hand sidebar where you get the two release labels Columbia and ISO Records.

Or by XML web service (inc=labels):

Or by JSON web service (inc=labels):


Do you mean from the web service or via SQL queries?

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Label {#268 β–Ό
-relations: LabelRelationList {#250 :arrow_forward:}
-aliases: AliasList {#267 :arrow_forward:}
-area: Area {#275 :arrow_forward:}
-country: Country {#296 :arrow_forward:}
-disambiguation: Disambiguation {#297 :arrow_forward:}
-ipis: IPIList {#298 :arrow_forward:}
-isnis: ISNIList {#299 :arrow_forward:}
-labelCode: LabelCode {#300 :arrow_forward:}
-labelType: LabelType {#301 :arrow_forward:}
-lifeSpan: LifeSpan {#302 :arrow_forward:}
-MBID: MBID {#306 β–Ό
-mbid: β€œβ€
-name: Name {#307 β–Ό
-name: β€œβ€

i am using guzzle to call api but not get lable anyhow in any release lookup request.

Which endpoint do you/guzzle query then?

For a browse request, you should use inc=labels parameter, for example: