Lab Results or LabResults?

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See here:

The Discogs entry looks different:

If the latter is correct, how to rename both release group and release on MB?


I think that falls into the category of stylization on the cover art, which can be entered in MusicBee with standardized formatting. So nothing to correct.

On the back cover, where the tracklist has spacings in its titles, we can see ATJAZZ and LABRESULTS have no spacing.

I would rename at least the physical release and the release group.
The download release no longer has any linked reference.


That’s a fair point, although the color difference certainly makes me want to read it as two words. On bandcamp the artist has it as two words:

I usually take bandcamp as being more indicative of artist intent, though of course that’s not absolute.

So this is more of a fuzzy case.


I leave it up to you to decide with this but, for the record, the back cover LABRESULTS is monochrome And the artist is not consistent in their band camp:

  • LABRESULTS becomes Lab Results
  • LABFUNK stays Labfunk


The spine catalogue number MANTCD002 presents the same colour dilemma. :wink:

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I had the same thought as Jesus when I looked at the back cover… I would make the CD release ‘Labresults’, but the newer Bandcamp release ‘Lab Results’.

One thing it made me think about is that it was much cooler to merge words and put in random numbers and stuff like that 20 years ago than it is today, so it’s very possible that the artist decided it would be nicer split up more recently :slight_smile:

edit: RG I would do ‘Labresults’ as it is the original release

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Thank you guys. How do I correctly proceed for renaming the release group and the release itself?


If consensus is to change it: from the release page, you can select “Edit”, then change the title (and if appropriate, check the box that says “Copy the release title to the release group”).

You can also edit the release group title directly from the release group page.