Keeping only Artist and Genre

Hi all,

I’m running the Keep tags plugin as shown below:

The goal here is to keep just the Artist, Title, Genre, and Cover - and delete everything else. This is working perfectly but has seemed to make the lookup process a bit more difficult. Please see the screenshot below where you’ll see that the Artist column is no longer populated - I manually have to expand the column for the Artist name to appear. Is there a workaround for this?


You have highlighted a section next to what would normally be albums. Just click the little arrows on the left and you’ll find the tracks.

Thanks. To clarify, I’m wondering why the Artist column isn’t populating when each album is collapsed - I have to expand each of the albums for the Artists to show.

You have cleared the value for albumartist


In your photo, as the tracks on the album do not have an “albumartist” value there is nothing to put next to the album icon.

Whereas the separate tracks read their value from the “artist” tag.