Keep the images

Hi every one.

Some stupid question about picard, For most of my track I got my own picture for the covert, but I still like to check what is in the musicbrainz database, so I let picard download the image.

The point is sometime I prefer to keep mine, and I didn’t find a way to tell picard to keep my photo for more than one file each time. And when a album got 30 files it’s really boring to do that 30 times.

So is they are any way I can select a bunch of file and tell to picard for this file I like to keep my image (like I can do that for all other tags).


If you select the release you can right click on the cover display on the bottom right and select “Keep original cover art”. This will reset the cover image to the original for all files in this release.

This does unfortunately again only work for a single release at a time. You can’t currently select multiple releases and/or multiple arbitrary files and change the cover.