Keep original filename, rename and save elsewhere

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I’m hoping for some help with the following. My current workflow involves importing new files into a folder (New) and then tagging, renaming, and saving them in another folder (Archive). I want to modify this for Picard to save a tagged version in the Archive folder but preserves the original filename in the New folder.

I explored Picard’s options and it seems there is no native way to do this - it only appears to be a direct rename and move.

Are there any plugins or scripts that do this, or something similar? Thanks.


You can enable “move files”, but disable “rename files”. Then the files will be moved to the new location, but filenames stay the same.

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Thanks - to clarify I would like the original filename preserved in the ‘New’ folder and the edited version saved in the ‘Archive’ folder.

Perhaps the simplest solution is to work with a copy of the files. If I understand you correctly, you want to end up with:

  1. Files renamed but remain in the source directory, and
  2. Files not renamed but moved to a different directory.

If this is correct, then you need two copies of the files (one original and one copy), and process each set separately, in one case with “move files” enabled and “rename files” disabled and in the other case with “move files” disabled and “rename files” enabled.

This would be a good candidate for using Option Profiles.

Thanks. Looking at Options Profiles now, seems like this may be the only way - albeit with a bit of manual work.

If you tag all your files with MBIDs before duplicating them (don’t rename or move), then there shouldn’t be too much manual work after that. As both copies will be auto-matched in Picard on the next pass.

So um… maybe calls for a third profile that doesn’t move or name files :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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