Keep my cds in picard after i close the program


Is there away of keep my albums/cds in picard as every time I as I need to keep re-adding them every load of the program and it forgets what’s in my collection as I have to go through them and tell it that too


I am doubtful that Picard will do that.
Though I could be wrong.

However if you join Musicbrainz (which is something different to Picard), you can add Releases (meta-data from CDs/albums) to your Collections where they will be saved in your Musicbrainz account.

Here is an example of a Collections page on Musicbrainz.

Amongst other benefits of doing this is that you can get your tags semi-automatically updated for your whole collection.


Searching in the Documentation for Musicbrainz I can only find this that seems relevant:

However I am sure someone else will know lots more.


Currently not possible.

Do you mean it forgets what you have already tagged with Picard? Unless you have disabled it Picard will store the MusicBrainz IDs inside the files and when reading those files it will automatically load the releases in the right pane and match the files.

It is also not recommended to load your entire collection but rather work in smaller batches.


Yes it forgets what I have already tagged with Picard


Are you clicking “Save” after getting that “New tags” column the way you want it?

That column that read “New tags” had me stumped until I realised that it was really a column of “Proposed tags” and those tags only got written to files when I clicked “Save”.


Make sure “Ignore MBIDs when loading new files” in options is not checked. Also check whether you have some scripting that removes MusicBrainz IDs.