Just want to check Title tag for typos

I’m sorry, I’m a novice here. I’ve got 20 years of pretty meticulously tracked folders and files. I’m sure the folders are setup exactly how I want, as well as album titles and artists, etc.

However, one thin I noticed recently is that there are a decent amount of typos. So, I was hoping I could use picard to check on all of those and correct them.

I’ve looked through the FAQ, and the tutorials, and they haven’t helped that much. I wound up even running a test, noticing that green text are changes, and orange are accurate. So, I changed one of the title tags, and picard didn’t tag it as an error.

Could anyone guide me in this task?


Actually, green text indicates additions, and dark yellow text indicates differences.

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Is there another color? Track Number, Length, and Title are somewhat orangish, and say “different across items”. It seems to be for all albums, and when I purposefully retitled a track, it didn’t come up a different color.

I don’t understand what your goal is: do you want to use Picard as a spell-checker for titles, but keep your already existing tags, or do you want to use Picard to just re-tag all of the files with data from the MusicBrainz database?

That means you have selected more than one track (or an album) and the metadata box correctly states that those tracks (or the tracks on the album) do not all have the same track number, length and title :slight_smile:


I want to keep all of my existing tags, EXCEPT the title field, where there is a discrepancy. I want to retag those files with data from the MusicBrainz database.

OK, I did a bunch more exploring and realized that it’s pointing out an incorrect field because of title capitalization, and leading 0’s in the track number. (my tracks say 01, and not 1).

So, I think my basic question is…how can I make it only compare the title of the track, and not bother looking at anything else. And/Or, how can I make it update the tag in that singular field?