Josh Woodward - Here Today release fed79b91-cbd4-4d9c-8261-e7e9b48f3b61 (I'm confused)

I’m currently confused about this release(but later I solved it and am not confused anymore)

I’m making this thread to gather information about and hopefully sort out any confusion I have about it and to understand whether my edit adds to the confusion or helps add information to the release(fed79b91-cbd4-4d9c-8261-e7e9b48f3b61). My edit(48912590) was made with the intent to allow fans or people who want to try a listen to avoid having to go through a “walled garden” in order to download the songs(as Jamendo requires registration to the site before allowing a user to download them) by adding an download link.

The first edit(automatically applied) was made by bbatsell where year 2004 was added as the year it was released. The latest edition shows 2004-04-17 as the date and the date for the link I added to the internet archive as “download for free:” is(by looking at the metadata of one of the files) “Original Release Date: 2004-04-17” and “tdor: 2004-04-17”

I was worried that I made an error because I looked at the upload date to the internet archive and thought it was a different release but now after doing this research I think it wasn’t made in error.
I’m not doing this to receive praise for ‘how wonderful it is that I make some edits’ but instead I just do this to clear my previous confusion which I think I’ve solved now.

There’s still another release which is called “Here Today Remixed”(which should be a different release) though I never remember ever downloading it or listening to it, I didn’t know it existed until I discovered MusicBrainz and that also contributes to some of my confusion.

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