Japanese Artist with an "international" name

SEKAI NO OWARI is a japanese band that a few years ago started their process to debut in overseas, using a translated version of their name, End of the World.

Since that, all of their releases has been released under the SEKAI NO OWARI MB Page, but at this point I wonder, when should be consider two different profile artists?

They created: a different website for JP and Overseas, different Spotify page, different social media.

I think at this point they should be separated but I would like to know what are guidelines for this situation? I haven’t been able to find something regarding this.

Their official website says it’s just a moniker:

Since their major-label debut in 2011, End of the World, the band comprised of Fukase, Nakajin, Saori and DJ LOVE have swept the Japanese music scene by quickly gaining momentum, selling millions of albums, and touring sold-out arenas and stadiums all over Asia. In keeping with the ambition and desire to share their music with a global audience, End of the World is completely reimagined as SEKAI NO OWARI’s English moniker, debuting all-new original songs performed in English. With their long-awaited debut English language album out now, End of the World is ready to take over the globe.

IMO it’s like suede and The London Suede (for USA).
It’s the same artist with artist credit on some releases.