It's too easy to lose an edit by clicking another tab

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I was at the end of a marathon 4 hour edit (classical, 8 CDs) and went to check something on the release and clicked ‘Overview’. And my edit was lost.

I know that you’re warned when leaving the page itself, but can we add a javascript control to prompt before changing tabs after an edit has started?



I just tried editing a Release and then clicking the “Overview” tab.
And got a “Are you sure you want to leave this page? Y/N” sort of barrier/warning before I could leave the Editing tab.

Did you get this warning?

There is the problem of using up Editors time by providing too many obstacles to navigating away from the Editing tab.
Maybe combine the current warning with, “Maybe stay on this page to continue Editing and open the requested tab in another browser tab?”

I’ve changed my approach when editing - I used to try and get everything filled in and complete before submitting.
Now I try to remember to submit when I’ve done less than an amount of work that I’d regret losing.

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I think that warning for leaving the page is a part of @jesus2099’s user script Super Mind Control Turbo.

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Yes odd. I just tried it again too and was prompted. But I definitely wasn’t prompted last night. There was much cursing :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to replicate the condition now however.


I should remove it from my script because now it’s handled directly by MB site itself!

This problem occurs to me often when I write and vote in edit lists then I forget to shift or control click!
I then hit back and my edit notes are still there, but only if I press the appropriate Edit note buttons.I have to remember all my votes and all edits on which I should press these buttons…

Maybe I should add a protector at this level, in POWER VOTE.