Items in a double CD as separate entry?

I ran into the following situation…

This entry:

is (the annotation also says so) disc 1 of this set:

Should that first one have an entry of its own?

Should that be removed? It cannot be merged, right?


Looks like the 2 releases should just be merged. Just merge the 1 disc release into the 2 disc release. They appear to be the same release. Select merge mediums and make sure 2 disc set is the target. This is not uncommon.


There was a time in the dim and distant past that MB used to have separate CDs instead of releases. So each (disc n) would be a separate item. Looks like a left-over from that time.


Are we sure that the single disc was not sold as a separate release, in addition to being part of a box set? Seems that would affect how this should be handled.


Isn’t that a cat no of the pair?

Also the annotation says “First disc in double disc package “In Deep + Nexus””


I see. Should have looked before asking. :slight_smile:

Always good to ask… and I also hope the other five voters also asked the same question. :slight_smile:

Personally I looked up the cat no on Discogs as well as reading the edit history… but then I can be a bit OTT. :crazy_face:

from the packaging, it does look like other multi-album compilations I’ve seen but if we’re sure they weren’t sold separately, I see no issue with merging these two.

edit: just realized this was a question about a release merge, not a release group merge… carry on~