Issues with Album Sort field

A few albums tagged through Picard are bringing back strange results in the album sort field

For example
Electric Arguments

brings back 71. Electric Arguments

Similar happens with the other Firemen titles

St Vincent is another artist where the album sort field contains the release year

I can’t find where the album sort field is located

Neither the Release nor Release Group for Electric Arguments have an alias which would define an explicit album sort text.

Here is the web service call Picard makes for Electric Arguments:

Nowhere in this response is an an alias or the number 71.

And when I load this release into Picard, I do not see 71 in the albumsort field.

So, the likelihood is a script is behaving unexpectedly.

That said, I did take a quick look for the code which sets this metadata and couldn’t find it. So whilst I doubt that it is Picard code (because I don’t get this issue), I would prefer to double check.

P.S,. otters61 - which version of Picard are you running and on what O/S platform?

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Picard itself doesn’t set albumsort at all. So either the tags already had been in the files before or you have a script or plugin setting it (but I’m not aware of any plugin which sets albumsort).

Version 2.5.6 on windows 10

Thanks for your help both, It’s pointed me in the right direction to investigate further. Sorted it now reset all defaults and is working as it should

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And the cause was…?

(I have a script to create this - “$set(albumsort,$swapprefix(%album%))” - and a similar script for “titlesort”.)