Is 'work type' operational in Picard?

I believe to have read somewhere that when entering classical music in MusicBrainz, a ‘work type’ can be entered.
For example ‘Concerto’, ‘Opera’, ‘Symphony’, etc.

But checking out a couple of albums on MusicBrainz where I would expect such info present, I haven’t been able to find it showing up anywhere.
Also at trying out Picard on a couple of such works, I don’t see that field showing up in tags.

What am I missing here?

No it’s not in Picard. SongKong gets it. I’m planning to include it in the next release of Classical Extras.
(BTW will pick up the various Classical Extras questions shortly now I’m back from hols).


Thanks MetaTunes!
I received your answers, but currently I can’t figure out how to respond to them :frowning:
I will figure it out at a later moment. Cheers.