Is "Vienna" a label?

I added a strange release…

It has no cat#, no barcode, no rights owner and the only logo is “Vienna”. I imported it from Discogs and so initially I had [no label] filled in, but then I’ve found this label available:

I picked it, because that’s exactly where the logo comes from. But now I have doubts if this is a real label (that’s an unusual label and it has only one other release)

one thing i can tell you is the other album is a promo album i dont see any thing on it that points to Vienna (tourism office) but i could be missing something
this is what i found on (tourism office) Vienna imprint

as i know very little of austria this is all the help i can give hope it helps some how :slight_smile:

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Is that sound kind tourist board logo from 2000? A kind of “come to Vienna because we got nice music” promo? If that was the case it would be back in the [ no label ] category


The white on red Vienna logo was used by the tourist office.

That’s exactly what it is! :smile:

I will put both on [no label] and remove this label.

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I removed Vienna and Austrian Airlines from the second release.
The label itself has to wait until the relationships are gone.

But there’s another thing: this release is flagged as a promo. I thought of a promo myself, but changed to official as it only promotes an event, not a release. I suppose, the other one should be official too.

look at the back of the album on the bottom line. promotional use only not for resale. i may be wrong but i thort that makes it a promo album :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s a promo! I don’t touch anything :wink:


That’s a promo by many definitions of promo. It is promoting the city and not actually selling the music. Also @st3v3p has spotted that text on the CD. Usually something like this is free in a magazine, or maybe on the Tourist Information desk for. I doubt it has ever been sold anywhere.

Doh! you posted same time as me. Haha