Is this duplication? (Singin' in the Rain)

I found 3 works for “Singin’ in the Rain”:

Should they be merged into 1 work? Is this mistaken duplication, or are these meant to be 3 distinct works?

Looks to me like they can be merged

I thought so too, but looking at the edit history, maybe @fmera had something specific in mind for the two newer works?

very likely that they are, but “main title” tracks in soundtracks often tend to be medleys of several songs from the musical. the disambiguation comment refers to the musical’s title, not the song.

side-note: whenever possible, i do think it’s preferable not to create extra works for tracks like overtures, entr’actes, finales, end titles if or when one is able to determine the actual work titles that are featured in those tracks. i don’t think i created those “main title” works; they were probably auto-created.

Makes sense, thanks. In that case, the definitive work for the song itself is Song “Singin’ in the Rain” - MusicBrainz

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