Is this a Label or something other?

on steve grace albums called heritage there is world mission international and it holds the copy write on the album would it be a Label?

Possibly, could you post links to some scans or photo’s of these releases?

here are the pics

World Missions International is the copyright holder, but that is not always the same as the record company. There doesn’t seem to be one as far as the packaging is concerned (it could be self-released). Does the CD itself mention any? More recent albums do have a label mentioned on the medium, see Eternity and Nullarbor to Nashville.


all it has is world mission international and his website

Release in question.

There’s a discogs entry that appears to be the same release and that has additional cover art - in particular, the spine and the disc itself. Neither of those show any label or catalog number, so I would list it as “no label”.


Discogs and MB currently say Southern Land Records but I don’t see it anywhere printed, so indeed I would remove that and set [no label] instead.
But we should add release‐label copyright relationship to World Missions International.

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i put it as Southern Land Records because it is on there website as a release here is Southern Land Records website