Is there any guideline on work artist credits?

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Hi everyone, I’d just like to know how the artists should be credited in a Work. Should their legal names or most common known names/aliases be used? In what script/language?

The reason I’m asking is that last night when I finally converted all my ALAC to FLAC and tried to update the tracks using Picard, I found a lot of the artist credits of composers/lyrists of records relating to Ghibli got changed from Japanese Kanji to Romaji and making the sorting sequence by composers incorrect (e.g. 久石譲[Hisaishi, Joe] becomes Joe Hisaishi[Joe Hisaishi])

I’ve checked the booklets in my albums and most of them listed 久石譲 as “久石譲”, not “Joe Hisaishi”. Most of these changes were done by the same editor somewhere in 2015. I believe she might be entering the French/English versions of the various albums and modified the related Works during the process.

Any thoughts or ideas, please?


There are no artist credits on works, only relationships (which can have relationship credits, but I doubt Picard would use them).


hmmm… picard will use the artist credits for composer and lyricist in relationships in the Work(s) if you tick the checkbox for “Use release relationships”. At least that’s how I lazily get most of my composers entered


It turns out I was too skeptical and Picard indeed supports relationship credits in 1.4 (PICARD-730, dependent on the “standardize artists” setting).

However, works still have no artist credits, whether you repeat that they have or not.


I think it’s not too far-fetched to assume “work artist credits” means “the credits for artists that are related to the work”, in this case, so no need to nitpick that point.

The relationships page for this artist does include a lot of cases where the Latin credit has been used for the composer relationship credit, so that’s probably the issue. There’s no guideline for that (credits are usually “whatever is printed”, although for works I usually just default to the standard artist name since they’re usually reused in many places - I mainly edit classical though). If the Japanese is printed, anyway, do feel free to change the relationship credits back to the original Japanese!


Thanks reosarevok.

There’s going to be a problem if I revert the Latin credit back to Japanese… It’d mean whatever the last editor did would be lost and she’ll be sitting on a French/English release of that album with Japanese credits on composers now. It’s kind of either I got a Japanese print-correct release or she got a Latin print-correct release in this case.

Anyways, it’s not a big problem. I’ll just leave them as is until maybe later when there are some guideline on how this should be handled.


chirlu, thanks for the tips on the standardize artists setting. I get the sort name I want now


That’s perfectly fine - works are supposed to have one general credit, you shouldn’t expect it to follow what’s printed in your specific release (or we would have people changing Russian composer credits back and forth all day). It’s more meant for cases where a person uses a performance name for performing, but consistently credits the works under their legal name, for example.


got it and thanks. my problem on sorting by composers is solved by turning on the standardize artists setting.