Is there an option to tag a series as if it were an album?


I’m entering some releases that are definitely a series of releases (each has its own release date, is a podcast, etc) and I want it to be entered correctly in the database.

However, once I’m finished with it, I would much prefer it show up in my Plex server as a single album of N tracks, instead of N albums of 1 track.

If the little green “tagger” showed up on the series page, perhaps with some label/explanation to indicate that it was going to do “series as album”, it would be really useful like this, and make it less tempting to enter bad data (not that I’m tempted).

Has this ever been discussed before, and what was the verdict?


I personally enter podcasts as stand‐alone recordings, like these:

Then I use beets with the below in my config and run beet modify podcast=True on the relevant files:

plugins: […] inline types

  podcast: bool

  podcastname: title.split(':')[0]
  podcasttitle: title.split(':', 1)[1].strip()

  podcast:True: Podcasts/$podcastname/$podcasttitle

Something similar could be done in Picard, I guess—esp. if you use folksonomy tagging to mark any recordings/releases with the “podcast” tag. Not sure if tags are “natively” exposed to the Picard scripting, but it should be “easy” (for some definition of “easy” anyway… :smirk:) to make a plugin to make them available.

Picard can also use folksonomy tags as genres, which might also be a way to expose your “podcast” tags to Picard’s scripting.

Edit: I added a ticket for supporting Series in Picard, but there’s not (currently) a clear implementation proposal:


A ‘tagger’ button on any series page seems relatively straightforward.

Perhaps you can get someone to write a script for you to begin with, that replaces album tags with the series name and track number with series number, when you click that button. You would have to be lucky to find someone who’s interested enough to do it, or perhaps pay someone to do it.
Would cause a mess with albums in a series but that’s irrelevant for your needs.

Standalone recordings can’t store all information about the podcast release, like album art and (importantly) release date so adding them like that isn’t always ideal.


It would only cause a mess if people were to deliberately click that. If they’re just using Picard, then it should recognize the series of albums as individual albums. They’d have to do a web lookup, and dig through the web interface to mess those up.

I don’t think stand-alone recording is the right answer either. I’ve been doing these as single-track releases, and adding cover art (same image, over and over).