Is there an issue currently with MusicBrainz or could my IP be blocked?

I use SongKong and I am currently having an issue with processing jobs. SongKong is reporting an error related to not being able to reach MusicBrainz server and the jobs are failing. This is happening on both my Ubuntu server and my MacBook Pro.

Jan 17, 2021, 5:54:23 PM
Problem accessing MusicBrainz Server Connect timed out

I checked the IP you provided on IRC PM, and it isn’t blacklisted on our side.
Are you sure the IP you provided is the correct one as seen by our servers?

Yes, that is the correct IP address.

@ijabz Maybe you can help getting more details on the actual error behind this message? Is this strictly about, or could it also be because of e.g.

I just tried running a job again and the same timeout occurred.

I got it - snort was blocking traffic, there were a lot of events logged and multiple IP addresses had been added to snort2c, I am assuming MusicBrainz was one of those IP addresses.

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It is worth noting that SongKong doesnt even use the MusicBrainz webservice since it uses Albunack instead, it does however use Acoustid.


What does it mean?
I never saw that, wow, is great!


Its a play on the word - (i.e Album nack)

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…if used properly. Far too often, I see editors using it to submit releases with missing data and no post-editing to fit our guidelines.