Is there a way to turn song or album credits from the "lookup browser" page into tags in Picard?

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Hi everyone,

I have noticed that there is much more metadata available on the lookup browser page compared to what picard propose to me when I “scan” or “lookup” a song (or album).

For instance, the online database knows the conductor of a classical song but picard does not seem to import it…

Feels like a dumm question but i can’t figure it out !

Thks in advance !

In Options > Metadata enable “Use release relationships” and “Use track relationships” to get as much data as possible from MusicBrainz. “Use track relationships” is disabled by default since it slows down lookups and not everybody needs it.


Hi !

Thank you very much for your answer, it works perfectly now !

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A Thanks from me as well, outsidecontext. I’ve just entered my first classical release from scratch and laboriously put in all of the performers. I would have been annoyed if my computer didn’t suck that information back for me to use and had no idea that I’d need to tweak a setting to have it do that. Very convenient question and answer for me. :slight_smile:


For classical music, even more data and a variety of options is available with the Classical Extras plugin. See for the latest version.


Thanks Outsidecontext. I don’t mind waiting for my computer to pull in the extra information.