Is there a quick way of renaming based on this DB?

I found out I screwed up, I forgot to tick of fore renaming the tracks when saving. So there’s probably a lot of tracks that don’t have the official name. Is there any way to do this as a batch process?

snip/edit: definitely misunderstood what you were asking :grin:

I want to change the track name to what MusicBrainz DB says it is, for that record. And I have several hundred records, so please don’t say I have to open every single one again. :frowning:

You have the tags? But not the filenames?

MP3TAG has a “Tags to Filenames” option. That is your batch fix solution. :slight_smile:

OR - if you saved the MusicBrainz IDs in the files, then Picard can load everything up quick without the need to do any searches again. (This is why saving MusicBrainz ID tags is a good idea)

No. I have them ripped, but not necessarily with the same name as this DB uses, and in many cases not correct. SO I would like to rename all of them according to this DB. Only names, not tags.

Picard can rename based on tags. But if you don’t want to use the tags from the Filenames but from the DB you’ll have 5o match your files to the DB entries first.

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They are matched, but, as I wrote, I forgot to tick of for “Rename files when saving”. So everything is saved, except it kept whatever names I had from ripping the albums, which isn’t always correct.

Unless you intentionally disabled this Picard will save the MusicBrainz identifiers to the files and load the corresponding releases again when you load the files and automatically match the files. Then you can save them again.

But even if you don’t have the MB identifiers you can also rename files by saving them from the unmatched files pane. Just be sure the naming script uses only data actually available in your file’s tags. Also make a backup and test this with a few files, tweak the naming script until you are satisfied before going intoass renaming everything.