Is there a mini-wiki for artists?

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I want to add some bio to an artist I just added. It’s from the back cover of some vinyl. It’s nowhere else on the web (to link to).
How do I add this information? Or is it considered unimportant/not required.?

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You could use an annotation to add any text. When you open the artist’s page, there is a link “Add annotation” on the right side of the page, in the “Editing” block.


But keep in mind that annotation content is under free licenses. So while a short quotation of a liner in a text of your own is probably fine, you shouldn’t just copy the full contents of the liner, since you don’t own the rights and can’t release it under said license :slight_smile:


why wouldn’t you just add the image

Seems lazy, and not search-friendly.


but if it is an album cover, it should be there.

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Of course. And it is.

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