Is the label for this [no label] or Tania Zygar?

see this and other external links on the mbz page

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Self release, imo.

At least until the ‘label’ releases other artists, or gets its own website (a different one to the artists one), or something like that.


Yeah, I think I’ve seen a few of these “vanity catalog numbers” lately too. It’s a shame that there’s no place to store them (except annotations), but I just go with “[no label]” or leave the release label unset in this case too.


Oh fun, I added that release :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, since artists can specify more or less anything in that field on digital storefronts, I’m cautious when it matches the musician’s name. If there’s a label page for it on Discogs or the like, I’ll add it, but otherwise I leave it blank.


ok thanks for the info guys!

I’m organizing my music collection rn and this is the first release I’ve came across with the label field blank, so it jumped out to me as an outlier. but if a blank label field is a valid thing that will come up in other releases as well then I don’t really mind

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I have set it to [no label], which is the recommended way to credit self-releases and the like.

So you will no longer have that annoying gap in your player!

[no label] is so handy - otherwise you’re left wondering “is this a self-release, or is MB missing info” :expressionless: