Is it possible to revert wrong merges?

A user has merged several publishing companies with their imprints.
Do we have a possibilty to revert these merges?


Reverting revisions is currently being implemented, but not ready for prime time I’m afraid.
However if you point me to the revisions in question, I can manually revert the master revision of an entity to a previous one.


The two most important revisions:

Good catch, we really need revision notifications and entity subscriptions to make it easier to spot (destructive) revisions by other editors.
I hope you have already notified the other user to prevent this from happening again?

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Yes, I’ve sent an email to the user immediately. He answered, so he knows about the issue.


Sorry about the radio silence, I’ve been working on this but it’s a thornier issue than I first expected. A direct database modification won’t cut it.

On the plus side, the work that has already been done on the feature to revert revision does seem to be able to resolve the issue (I have put it up on, while still having some issues to resolve.
I need to do a bit more testing but the idea is to push this feature to beta soon and use it there to revert this merge properly.

Thanks for you patience !


Here is another revision I found: