Is it possible to get notifications when a new release is added to an artists page?

I’ve got quite a large collection, and it’s getting difficult to keep track of new releases, is it possible?

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You can subscribe to the artist’s page, at the bottom right.
Artists you are subscribed to are shown in your profile page in Subscriptions tab.


But no way to get them sent to my email or rss or anything? allows you to define your mailing preferences:
“Send me mails with edits to my subscriptions” for example.
But for that, the email you set up in MB profile should be valid.


Mind you, though, this will not just show you new releases. It will show any change regarding the artist.
It’s not as big of a deal as it may sound. Right now, I have just shy of 1000 subscriptions, and there are only 12 edits on my list in the last 10 days.


I have nusic on my phone, this scans musicbrainz every few days and will show a notification when a new release is added.